Dating xiumin

Could i get a chanyeol imagine where you meet his members and they react in we’ve been dating for a few months as you hugged xiumin and suho began to see. This is an exo gif reaction blog as you can see xiumin: “let it all out “i knew there was a good reason i started dating you. Exo reaction when they say something horrible during an argument - thank you so much for the request and sorry it took so long but i hope you enjoy it. 🐺 exo masterlist 🐺 exo you suffering from depression you wake them up with kisses you have a child from a previous relationship their s/o is dating exo xiumin. The mobile k-pop artist fandom charting service, kpop star [k-pop star for idols you adore]- you can share photos of your favorite k-pop artist, share hearts filled with love, and meet friends with the same favorite artists as you[heart voting for rank no 1]the rank of artists are calculated from the total number of hearts received on.

During exo-cbx's guest appearance on the october 31 broadcast of kangta's starry night, xiumin was put in a sticky situation as the only exo member with a younger sister. On june 18, xiumin uploaded a photo to his instagram account captioned “the day i grabbed chen chen’s hand” in the picture, chen smiles at the camera while grabbing his shy-looking “kim-line” sibling’s hand the warm atmosphere surrounding them seems to prove that they are brothers in. On february 29th, fnc entertainment uploaded a video of jimin and xiumin talking to fans about the upcoming song exo‘s xiumin has shared how it felt to be featuring on aoa’s leader, jimin’s new track ‘call you bae’.

Mobile masterlist reactions mobile masterlistscenarios mobile masterlist spams/appreciation dating exo: dating baekhyun 1 xiumin 1 xiumin 2 when they. Exo members profile: exo ideal type, exo facts exo (엑소) currently consist of 9 members: suho, xiumin, lay, baekhyun, chen, chanyeol, do, kai and sehun former members: kris, tao and luhan.

A collection of meme nicknames used by exomeme anons refers to xiumin's place as the oldest member of exo secretly dating otp. Xiumin shuddered at the thought of that sometimes it scared you that you were dating seoul’s best detective and not only did his job require for him to.

Dating xiumin

Anonymous said: who would probably date a foreign girl (european for example) and who do you think wouldn't thank you answer: this depends on how strict his parents are and what type of girl he. Are yeri and xiumin dating fans recently discovered evidence that proves yeri and xiumin's close relationship. Exo xiumin minseok exo scenarios exo imagines xiumin imagines xiumin scenario exo imagine exo scenario boyfriend xiumin dating xiumin xiumin minseok boyfriend.

  • Red velvet irene might be dating an exo member discussion in 'celebrity gossip' started by ygstansducksick, jan 22, 2017 xiumin- yes, kim minseok.
  • A-yo waddup peeps (since there are 12 results, this quiz is going to be longer than expected don't hate on me, just enjoy ok :d).

[kai ♥ krystal] witness accounts, dating kai broke his leg while skiing and he had to perform seated with xiumin at there's another exo member whose dating. 1 luhan and xiumin will play soccer in the dorms 2 sehun cannot stand chanyeol’s lack of behaviour (childish behaviour etc) 3 suho really listens to do. Anonymous said: hi i would like to request a wolf xiumin scenario he has been dating a human girl for a few months he knows she's the one, his mate but she doesnt know that or the fact he is a.

Dating xiumin
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